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A Feature Film by Naina Michaud


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This Holiday adventure film explores themes such as: mixed race identity and intergenerational family pressures & responsibilities in South Asian cultures while delivering a powerful message of love in a light-hearted and humorous tone. This project is currently in pre-production and seeking funding to hire a diverse cast and crew in 2024.


When an ambitious real estate developer’s quest for dominance lands her in a magical Christmas Kingdom, she must choose between her heart's desire and her father's legacy before the clock strikes midnight.




An ambitious real estate developer and only child, Sam Roy, goes to Europe to find her next big land deal. While en route, she has an unpleasant encounter with a mysterious stranger when a snow blizzard forces them off a train. The two must "make nice" as they attempt to find shelter.


To her delight, she finds herself in a magical small town Kingdom that is to be auctioned off on Christmas Day. Capitalizing on opportunity, Sam hastily makes plans for the big purchase so she can finally make her demanding father (Real Estate Tycoon) proud and develop the land into a Mega Resort. She soon learns that the mysterious stranger is actually the Prince (Kristof), who is desperately trying to save his Kingdom from the collapse of an evil plot. Sam is conflicted between her budding feelings for Prince Kristof and loyalty towards her father.


Does Sam follow her heart and help the prince, or buy the entire Royal Estate?

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